Incent video intro

Thursday 08 September 2016

This great little video is a good summary for merchants, customers and investors alike.

You've probably noticed that we're going all-out with the publicity for our Incent crowdfund right now. Our aim is to raise a minimum of $1 million for our blockchain-based loyalty-rewards programme, and ideally up to $5 million. We've been really encouraged by the interest that has come from the businesses we've pitched to - we're actively following up our leads on these, and a successful ICO will help us reach many more and integrate our product with their stores. Here's what John Warner, CEO of landscaping suppliers Sure-Green in the UK, said about the project: 

Here at Sure-Green we see great potential in Incent to help us grow repeat business across our wide trade community, through provision of rewards for custom that our tradesmen will really value, at a manageable cost to our business and with no administration overhead.

This explainer video is a great introduction to Incent and why merchants have loved the idea. Please do take a look, and if you like what you see, you can share it using the link or embed it in your own site.

If you'd like to find out more, you can read our white paper, take the tour of our proof-of-concept software, join our Slack, check our FAQ or see who's already interested in implementing Incent at


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