8-million player MMO Fragoria integrates gamecredits

Friday 04 November 2016

Gaming company Datcroft will use the established gamecredits (GAME) cryptocurrency to move money into and out of its virtual economies - starting with its flagship product Fragoria.

Starting from December, gamers will be able to move money into and out of the virtual economy using the gamecredits cryptocurrency. There are currently a number of barriers to users and gaming businesses monetising their games and playing. These include KYC/AML (Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering) regulations; the slow speed of the existing banking system; the high cost of cross-border transfers; relatively small deposit limits; the lack of banking relationships and liquidity for some currencies. Additionally, some gamers prefer their transactions to remain anonymous, for a variety of reasons.


Datcroft's flagship title Fragoria, into which gamecredits will first be integrated, has 8 million registered users

Gamecredits, which was launched almost three years ago, offers a solution to all of these problems and more. GameCredits Inc, the LA-based startup that represents the gamecredits (GAME) currency, has partnered with Datcroft, a gaming development company with more than 10 million users. From December, Datcroft will pioneer transfers into and out of its gaming ecosystem using gamecredits, bringing a number of benefits for gamers. In the medium-term, the solution will be rolled out across the gaming industry.

‘Among the biggest issues with monetising the gaming community are limited options for depositing and spending money, difficulty transferring funds between games and unsecure methods for storing funds,' comments Datcroft CEO, Sergey Sholom. ‘GameCredits’ partnership with Datcroft Games Ltd. marks a turning point in both the crypto- and gaming industries by providing a safe and easy system for monetizing the blockchain for gaming. We’re testing out the payments solution with one of the most popular games, Fragoria, which features around 8 million players – and this is the first of many games GameCredits will integrate with.’

GameCredits’ solution is to create a secure wallet and brokerage service that allows anyone to buy gamecredits for their local currency. GAME can also be bought and traded on crypto exchanges including Poloniex and Bittrex. Once a player holds GAME, they can move funds into and out of game economies frictionlessly, using the currency to buy and sell in-game items and services. Significantly, there are no deposit or withdrawal limits for cryptocurrency transactions. This is important, because a proportion of dedicated gamers make a living from playing their favourite titles and the ability to move money around is critical for them - as well as representing a vital source of revenues for the game companies.

To find out more visit corp.gamecredits.com.

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