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Thursday 29 September 2016

We've maintained this blog for a good couple of years, but it's time to take a break... because something else big is going on.

BitScan has brought you near-daily news for the last two years, rounding up some of the best, worst and wackiest that the crypto scene has to offer. But right now, we need to take a break from that because we're focusing all our efforts on the crowdfund for Incent - our revolutionary new blockchain-based loyalty programme.


You can keep up with what we're doing on the Incent blog or our bitcointalk thread. Our Slack is a great way of communicating with us in real-time. Or, if you're convinced already, you can swing over and invest in the crowdfund. There are bonuses for those who invest in the first four days (1-4 October), and a sliding scale after that - so it pays to get in early. The crowdfund will end on 30 November, or when we raise $5 million - whichever happens soonest.

Until then!


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